• Stress, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and Phobias
  • Depression
  • Shame, Guilt, and Low self-esteem
  • Personal growth challenges
  • Issues related to one's work environment
  • Loss and Grief
  • Healing from trauma
  • Relationships
  • Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Marriage / Couple Counseling
  • Recovering from infidelity
  • Separation, Divorce, End of Relationship Transitions
  • Parenting Issues


I feel extremely lucky that my husband and I found Goldie at just the right time. She is someone that both my husband and I felt comfortable with and respected. We always gained a lot of insight from our sessions and always walked away feeling better even when the conversations got tough. Goldie understood how we got to where we were and helped us understand each others pain and how to avoid making it worse. Our time with Goldie has enabled us to now weather some very stressful events in our life. I know that if we did not find Goldie we would not be together now. We still have work to do but I am so grateful for the direction Goldie has given us.

NFR, Aberdeen

I was referred to Goldie Rabaev for EMDR therapy after having been involved in a fatal and unavoidable automobile accident. I was suffering from symptoms of PTSD and living everyday filled with anxiety, fear and feelings of powerlessness. I am forever grateful to have been referred to Goldie. She guided me through the steps of EMDR so I could get past the emotions and physicality of the trauma. Step by step over the course of only 4 EMDR sessions, I am reclaiming my life. Goldie was kind, compassionate and knowledgeable. EMDR therapy seemed miraculous as we worked together to move my thoughts and body reactions past the trauma and toward knowing that I am safe and capable. I highly recommend this method and Goldie to anyone suffering from the symptoms of PTSD.


Submitted by a patient who, prior to EMDR, suffered from severe phobias of ‘driving’ and ‘flying’.

When Goldie mentioned the EMDR treatment to help with my panic attacks, I was skeptical. I had tried EMDR with another therapist and found no relief. However, after starting the treatment with Goldie, I started seeing changes in my reactions to situations and eventually the things I avoided in daily life had returned and become normal everyday occurrences once again. She has made a huge difference in my life and therefore in the lives of my family and friends.


Being a bit old-fashioned and private by nature, I was naturally reluctant and skeptical when my wife suggested counseling as a way to address marital issues we were having.

We were referred to Goldie and within 10 minutes of meeting her, my guard was down. my skepticism was gone and the conversation was free flowing. Naturally in marriage counseling there is going to be a lot of “he does”, “she did”, “he did”, “she does” type comments made by each spouse, but Goldie created an environment where these comments could be used and seen constructively rather than in a destructive fashion.

In short, Goldie’s friendly personality, coupled with her professional skills, methods and style allowed for such an “at ease” feeling to these sessions that I began to look forward to them. I am happy to say that as I write this today my marriage is stronger than it has ever been. The only down side, I miss talking to Goldie!


We had the pleasure of hosting Goldie Rabaev who presented a webinar on on the topic of Stress and how to deal with it – “How to stay sane in your insane day!” The webinar was interactive and was well received. She provided useful / practical tips, and was available to answer any questions that the audience had. Additionally, in Q&A lots of interest was generated with regard to EMDR and some of the tools that it affords. There was great feedback from the audience.


About 10 years ago I decided working with my husband in our business full time was not a good thing. I began to pray for a new job, maybe even a different career. God had not failed me. He sent me to work full time in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for 10 years as the Unit Coordinator. . During that time I had seen, heard and felt a lot. I was beginning to feel drained and no longer such a soft empathetic person. I applied for a new position, which was now away from patient care in the hospital setting. Shortly after, about 6 weeks I was under a different kind of stress. Also no longer under the protection of my UNION.

Now I was playing with the big boys in administration. I was beginning to break.

Aside from these life changing problems, I was also having difficulty with my oldest son, and his life choices. Last but not least I was the sole caretaker for my mother as she nears the end of her life, Working, being a full time care taker, a wife, mother and involved Grandmother of 4 grandsons pushed me to an edge I had not been familiar with.

I realized I was experiencing unfamiliar depression. I met with my Employee Assistance Program Coordinator at the hospital I worked at. Within 15 minutes of my visit I was put out of work on Medical Leave. Shortly after I began to meet with Goldie Rabaev. My diagnosis: Post traumatic Stress Disorder began to unfold. I was also taking an antidepressant and seeing a Psychiatrist.

The facility Goldie practices at is in my neighborhood. My EAP worked with me to find this place. Based on Medical Insurance, and my location off I was. Goldie got right to work doing the necessary things to help me figure out the mess I felt I was in. At first I did not have a lot of faith in her. She was very young. I wondered how she could possibly help me. What life experience did she have?

Shortly into my treatment my whole perception of Goldie changed. I began to trust, to respond to her questions. She helped me to sort out things and reaffirm some things I already knew and needed to be reminded of. It was a nice experience to know I was not being judged or criticized. She was always on time, available whenever I needed her; she was so pleasant it made me want to keep my appointments. There were also times when my experience with her was fun. I did have homework to do, which I may add was very helpful. It amazes me how she put me at ease soon into our meeting. At this time in my life I feel strong and confident again. Having resigned from the hospital I planned to retire from, I have been blessed with a very nice place to work. My stress level is cut in half and life is manageable now. I can call Goldie any day and have a visit to sort things out or just to talk. I have already recommended her as well as Family Counseling Office. She is my HERO.