Helping You Choose Your Path

Along the Road of Life

Helping You Choose Your Path Along the Road of Life

About Us

The heart of Life Psychotherapy’s purpose is to make the benefits of mental-health accessible to everyone

LIFE Psychotherapy is committed to providing quality mental health services that promote positive change through collaboration, compassion, and evidence-based therapies. We specialize in psychotherapy for a broad range of mental and emotional problems. Our practice is based on the idea that each patient requires the therapist to “invent” a unique approach to his or her therapy, in order to foster a successful healing process. Combining ‘Existential Philosophy’ with ‘Cognitive Behavioral Tools’ fosters empowerment and encourages actions that are necessary to improve one’s situation.


LIFE PSYCHOTHERAPY is a private practice offering counseling services to children, adolescents, adults, elderly, couples, families and groups. Since each person is unique, the approach to therapy is unique as well, combining existential philosophy with cognitive behavioral tools. The outcome enables a person to feel empowered in taking concrete actions to change or cope with their current level of distress and achieve success in improving his/her life.

Along with Psychotherapy we provide a variety of psycho-educational workshops to enhance personal growth and development without any stigma attached to psychotherapy. Many of our clients are successful, growth focused individuals who turn to us as a source of support and education, in matters of day‑to‑day life.

While many people seek therapy for everyday struggles life hands us, some enter therapy for the purpose of dealing with a traumatic event(s). For anxiety due to trauma and phobias EMDR therapy is employed.

  • Stress, Anxiety, Social Anxiety,
    and Phobias

  • Shame, Guilt, and
    Low Self‑Esteem

  • Separation, Divorce, End of Relationship Transitions

  • Addiction & Substance Abuse

  • Special Needs / ASD

  • Depression

  • Personal growth challenges

  • Issues related to one's work environment

  • Loss and Grief

  • Healing from trauma

  • Eating Disorders

  • Relationships

  • Premarital Counseling

  • Marriage / Couple Counseling

  • LGBTQ+

  • Recovering from infidelity

  • Parenting Issues


Who We Serve

Our team assists professionals in their transition into private practice.  Our practitioners are successful and growth-oriented individuals who need support and guidance in their practice.

Reach out to us for an opportunity to join our team today!

Commitment to Excellence

LIFE PSYCHOTHERAPY has been in business since 2009. Through the years, we have gained the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to provide our clients with exceptional and reliable services consistently.

Mission Statement

We strive to provide a calming and nurturing environment where people can turn to for anything that causes them stress. Whether you are seeking professional advice regarding relationship problems, mental health, work-related, or personal issues at home, we are here to help.

What We Do

At LIFE PSYCHOTHERAPY, we conduct psycho-educational workshops and seminars in an office setting. We also utilize Telehealth for virtual consultations and video conferences. These sessions allow us to enhance personal growth and development without any stigma attached to psychotherapy.

We accept most insurances

If your insurance is not among the ones we accept, we would be happy to check with your provider for “out of network” rates. Often times insurance will cover a large portion of the fee after the deductible is met.