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I am a recent graduate from Rutgers University with a Bachelors in Psychology and Masters in Social Work. I am currently licensed in the state of NJ, while actively obtaining my clinical hours through seeing individuals in private practice. I have completed several internships and worked many jobs throughout my years to gain the most out of each experience. I have worked in a Group Home setting with individuals with multiple diagnoses such as Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Depression, Anxiety and Developmental Disability. Within a year, I would transition to work in a more challenging setting at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in the Emergency Department in Acute Psychiatric Services. Here, I was exposed to individuals coming in a state of complete psychosis. The only intervention administered was antipsychotic medications and transferring patients to inpatient units for unspecified amount of time. Now, I work in a SNF, where I can assess mood disorders and provide referrals for appropriate interventions such as both psychotherapy sessions and medication monitoring. Through all my years of learning and observing, my drive and passion to help people has only increased significantly. In my current work for private practice, I take into account all perspectives when proposing treatment plans. Whilst, we cannot ignore the biological makeup of a person and its effects on behaviors, it is still equally important to examine the unconscious drives and experiences from early childhood. The behavioral and cognitive approach needs to be used conjointly to help the individual understand their expectations and emotions leading to specific acts before focusing on empowerment. I intend to use multiple approaches to help individuals understand their emotions to make the most impactful decisions in their lives.

To be vulnerable is to be in the greatest state of growth. Vulnerability is a temporary state of weakness that provides the opportunity for learning and progression. I truly believe that everyone is born good and wants to be good, but not everyone is capable of being good without the proper coping mechanisms and tools. Everyone wants to be loved in some way, but is not able to understand how to receive that love. In my work, I aim to strengthen the values and morals significant to a one, while uplifting their aptitudes and creating the tools most suitable to their lives.

Outside of my career goals and practicing, I very much enjoy any chance of quality time with my significant other, friends and family. It is the most fulfilling part of my life. Though traveling can sometimes be very exhausting, I take at least one vacation with my significant other and another with my friends every year. Recently, I quit my gym membership and found a new passion in home workouts. The gym atmosphere was motivating to meet some of my goals, however through true discipline is where I continued to work out daily and enjoy the feeling of challenge and sweat in home workouts. I love going on walks and runs with my dog in the summertime; watching him explore on every walk is very interesting. I have only done two hikes in my life, but I hope to explore that more this upcoming summer and continue to practice on my swimming skills. I really appreciate all the moments I can invest in these activities with my loved ones.

-Kamalwattie Phagoo, MSW, LCSW

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