• Stress, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and Phobias
  • Depression
  • Shame, Guilt, and Low self-esteem
  • Personal growth challenges
  • Issues related to one's work environment
  • Loss and Grief
  • Healing from trauma
  • Relationships
  • Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Marriage / Couple Counseling
  • Recovering from infidelity
  • Separation, Divorce, End of Relationship Transitions
  • Parenting Issues


Our Approach

LIFE Psychotherapy is committed to providing quality mental health services that promote positive change through collaboration, compassion, and evidence-based therapies. We specialize in psychotherapy for a broad range of mental and emotional problems. Our practice is based on the idea that each patient requires the therapist to “invent” a unique approach to his or her therapy, in order to foster a successful healing process. Combining ‘Existential Philosophy’ with ‘Cognitive Behavioral Tools’ fosters empowerment, as well as, encourages actions that are necessary to improve one’s situation.

About Founder


I have a MSEd in Counseling and Personnel Services from Fordham University. I am currently licensed to practice independently in New York and New Jersey. While working on my degree, I was introduced and became intrigued with the ‘Existential’ approach to psychotherapy. I especially connected with the idea that a person has responsibility and control over themselves. I believed that this concept is very empowering. Although an individual may be suffering from a situation or a physical condition, which they are not in a position to change, they can certainly take control of their thoughts and feelings in regards to the situation.Prior to opening a private practice, I was a Group Home Psychologist for dually diagnosed adults with ‘Developmental Disabilities’ and ‘Psychiatric Disorders’. The therapy modality in the group homes were strictly limited to ‘Behavioral’ and in some case ‘Cognitive Behavioral’. At first this seemed like a total contradiction to my Existential philosophy, however, the more I worked with this approach the more I came to realize that ‘Behavioral’ and ‘Cognitive Behavioral’ approaches are excellent tools that flow perfectly with ‘Existentialism’. Merging the two approaches, I can now take the ideas of controlling your own emotions and give people the actual behavioral tools to be able to do so successfully.

I advanced this approach further with EMDR. People usually experience very strong feelings of helplessness after a trauma. EMDR is a relatively fast approach used in conjunction with therapy that allows a person to gain back a sense of control and stability over his or her life while eradicating anxiety symptoms such as nightmares, flashbacks, fears, difficulty breathing, etc., so that a person can get back to his or her normal routine.

I truly believe and integrate the words of Irvin Yalom (my favorite Existential therapist) to “invent” a unique approach for every patient we are honored to work with.

Goldie Rabaev, LPC
License #37PC00394000
Founder of Life Psychotherapy


Clinical Director


Farah Skow, LPC
Licence #37PC00555000
Clinical Director, Little Silver, NJ

Clinical Supervisor


Ephraim Altman, LCSW
Licence #44SC05554200
Clinical Supervisor



pauline_bailo Pauline Bailo, LCSW
moshe-fund Moshe Fund, LCSW
marissa-greco Marissa Greco, LPC


Kerry Lane, LPC


Nicole McMullen, RD


Marci H. Sonenblum, LPC

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Avrohom J Weiss, LMFT


Rachael Osetkowski, LCSW


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Darla, Pawesome Therapist

Associate Therapists

At Life Psychotherapy, we believe that education does not stop after you have obtained a degree. We feel learning is a life-long journey. With this value in mind, we created a program for associate therapists to not only learn the ins and outs of being in a private practice, but more importantly how to be an ethical, holistically minded therapist in today’s challenging world. We feel it is of the greatest importance to impart our values to the next generation of counselors so that they too can join in our (mission) to evolve healthcare from its’ current state to one that is more (patient centered).    

In our program, we work with Licensed Associate Counselors and Licensed Social Workers to help them attain the necessary direct experience they require in order to complete their full licensure. These psychotherapists have completed the same education standards as our fully licensed counselors. In order to have the (LPC or LCSW designation), they are required to gain (a certain number) of session hours while under the direction of a board approved clinical supervisor. At Life Psychotherapy, we have two clinical supervisors that work with our associate therapists, Goldie Rabaev, LPC and Ephraim Altman, LCSW. Each supervisee meets directly with their supervisor at least once a week to discuss their patients and how to best provide care for them. At Life Psychotherapy, we do not feel that you should have to struggle to afford psychotherapy services. In alignment with our mission statement of providing exceptional and affordable treatment, all services provided by associate therapists are offered at a reduced fee.

abigail pleeter

Abigail S. Pleeter, LSW

kami phagoo

Kamalwattie Phagoo, LSW